Shaanxi Hi-Tech Medical Information Co., Ltd., founded in the year 2000, is a hi-tech stock holding company, which is professionally engaged in manufacturing, developing and selling software of three-dimensional medical imaging integratedly. The company has got access to change its system and prepare to construct it according to the Shaangaibanhan document No.104 (2000) of Shaanxi Economic System Reform Commission, and to set up according to the Shaanzhenghan official letter No. 155(2001) of Shaanxi Provincial Government, with registered capital RMB 40 millions...

  ,The first domestic company that plans to be listed in the overseas market with integrated Internet and digital medical concept
  ,The first domestic technical R&D enterprise cooperated with famous colleges and universities at home and abroad
  ,Exclusively domestic initiation of the general cancer non-touch, non-wound survey products 
  ,The newest international patent technology that leads the standard of domestic technology
  ,The broad market capacity of $60 billion
  ,Large amount of fund investment and technology keeping on leading the way
  ,Multitudinous following products deviating from the core tech and the subsequent benefit growing in the geometric grade
  ,Implementing the strategy of technical standard and maintaining the industrial commanding elevation
  ,Leading the way to the first brand of ^Created in China ̄ in the industry of medical information
  ,Operating the capital professionally and being listed in the overseas market soon

  As a director member of Shaanxi Graphics and Image Institute, the company owns more than 30 professional R&D personnel. There are eight PhDs, twelve MAs, and most of the remaining are technical personnel having middle or high level titles. Besides, there is an authoritative brain trust that is composed of experts in medical instruments and discipline leaders of famous colleges and universities and scientific research institutes.
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